A Part Of Me

Somehow I’m supposed to move on from you

After what we had

How can the world ever seem so magical again?

How will my childhood come to life again?

You’ve left a crater in my life

I feel it like a missing tooth

I know I can survive

But to never see you again-

It’s like I’ve left a part of me in another country.


A part of me is still out there,

Roaming the world.

But when that part of me dies,

Will I feel it?

Will I survive?


Why was it I had to give away a part of myself

To feel whole?


I gave you so much of myself,

All my secrets, all my pain.

You held me and said it was okay.

Maybe I just needed someone to be there

I was so low.


And I think I did the same for you,

But you wanted it to continue

I wanted to flee.

Why was it I wanted to leave behind this part of me?


I need to grow,

But I need to do it on my own now.


I’m not ready for commitment,

To give away my heart.


I only gave you

A piece of my soul –

No, you had it all.


You had my soul,

But not my life,

And not my heart,

My friend.


I’m sorry I broke your heart

But I need to be selfish.

I cannot give up everything I planned.

I have my life ahead of me, you see,

And now you’ve fixed me.



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